NBA 2K 16 was a great game, no doubt about it. Still, it is only natural that we want to see it improved even further. It is absurd to claim that any games perfect and that no further improvements are needed. 2K 16 is no different. What should be the main focus for improvement is debatable to say at least, that’s why we are going to take a look at all the key aspects of the game give our thoughts on how they can be improved.


The gameplay

Let’s start with the basics, and by basics I mean the tutorial. For sports game, NBA 2K series are surprisingly complex. The amount of dribble moves, passes and trick shots that can be pulled off at any given moment is not a small one. Yet the game doesn’t really care to teach you how to master these techniques. Implementation of advanced tutorials would be a “must-have” for the upcoming game. Not only will this make it easier for the newcomers but it will also allow more experienced players to reignites their possibly faded interest in this series.

Once the players are familiar with the controls the focus should shift to execution of those. What I’m saying is that a trick should be a fluid and unobstructed experience. Animations come to play greatly in this case. The previous game suffers from occasional cases of “sudden animations” and this would completely ruin gameplay flow for some players. It’s not that big of a deal but, considering how realistic game looks and feels now more than never it is only fair that it’s animations follow in those standards.


Career and Player Character

If you’re familiar with the previous game, either you’ve played it or simply so some footage, chances are you’ve encountered one of its many abominations. Of course I’m talking about importing your own face on to your character. This NEEDS to be fixed. Period. If where ever to feel one bit of immersion that these games are striving to achieve we need better face implementation methods. Same goes for player’s voice and possibly responses. Adding more detail to reply lines and generalizing them less would truly help with making your character develop the way you imagined it.

Moving on board to making the game as personal and “intimate” as possible a stronger emphasis should be placed on player choices. Over the years My Career mode has been watered down significantly. It was first introduced player had absolute control over the actions of his avatar. You could literally create and develop whatever kind of persona and relationship you wanted to. Become a famous, revert superstar player were complete and utter egotistical jerk doing everything for the sake of fame, it’s entirely up to you. Pushing the game back on this path would be a great addition for the upcoming game and dare I speak for the masses, a step in the right direction.


Player and team management

make training more of a factor. Penalize training skipping and make it reflect on the entire team. In last year’s game it was simplified once again when it shouldn’t have been. It felt like a necessary and optional thing with little to no benefit or penalty for attending or skipping training session. Individual players and teams as a whole should be drilled to train harder by the AI trainers.

Revamping press conferences and also be a welcome addition. Currently all you do when paired up against media is answer a series of generic questions. It feels like no matter what you do your screwed either way but even then it barely reflects on your player or team as a whole. It wouldn’t hurt to change this and we believe it would make the experience even better. Make reporters challenge your decisions on a much deeper basis, allow the player to the same with his own choices about the team therefore allowing them to stand toe to toe with the reporters. Answering the press questions should bear a little more weight than it is at the given moment.

Last but not least, we would like to see spectator mode given a bit more attention. Stream cast was a nice addition yet it fell short at what it was supposed to do. Instead of this service focusing solely on “Road to The Finals”, it should instead allow its users to broadcast and watch any game they want to. The option to watch friends or any game other than just specific tournaments would be a great addition to this already amazing game.

And that will be our so-called wish list for NBA’s latest addition to its franchise. Hopefully somebody over at visual concepts would read this and consider doing some last-minute changes and additions to the game before the official release on September 19th.

So what is it that you would like to see brought to the game? Do you think it needs additional features or reworks of already existing ones? You think it falls short at some of its aspects or perhaps it’s perfect in your opinion? As usual we value your opinion and would like to hear what you have to say in the comments. Keep the conversation going and will keep the news flowing.