With every new release of NBA we’re basically preparing ourselves to once again start our grind for countless virtual currency points. This is probably the least favorite part in every players life when it comes to NBA 2K games. It is no secret that most of the players look for the easiest and the fastest way to complete this chore so they can once again play the game to their leisure without having to worry about virtual currency. For these reasons exactly most of the players option for hacks and locker codes generators that will instantaneously yield a specified amount of virtual currency or provide them with locker codes they can use. This method is not for everybody and most of the people considered to be cheating even though most of the players play alone exclusively yet, we have to agree that this is cheating to an extent but since the task is a tedious and a very boring one where willing to overlook it.


How to farm VC in NBA 2K17:

If you’re one of the players who does not consider NBA 2K17 VC code generators and hacks to be a valid solution to your lack of the VC we have a guide on how to easily and most quickly amass great amounts of virtual currency you can play your game without having to worry about it. Keep in mind that these are not all the tricks and methods and how to get virtual currency but are most certainly the most effective ones.


MyCareer easy VC farming:

MyCareer is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way for one to obtain many virtual currencies in a short amount of time. While playing in this game mode you will frequently have an opportunity to attend endorsement meetings and events. What you want to do is basically try and complete as many of regular games as possible in the shortest amount of time so these events would happen. You only need to attend them in the virtual currency is as good as yours.

Also, if you’re skilled enough another valid way to farm for VC is to crank up the difficulty all the way up to “Hall of Fame” and play. Playing like this will allow you to earn as much is 1000 VC per match based on how good your performance was.


Easy VC farming through Mini Games

If you are using Android or iOS device you may download and install an application called MyNBA2K17. There are many things to do in this smart phone app and nearly everything you do will reward you with a small amount of VC. Also be sure to watch short videos which appear at the start of the game and answer some trivia question after those videos because this also rewards you with virtual currency.

This is perhaps not the fastest but definitely a stable way to earn VC and amass great amounts throughout longer periods of time.


NBA 2K17 MyLeague easy VC farming

last but not least yet definitely the laziest way to farm virtual currency is to exploit a feature from MyLeague. All you need to do is start a Franchise Game and leave the AI in control of both the teams. Doing this will reward you with a decent amount of NBA 2K17 at the end of the match depending on its length.

The best way to do this is to leave your system up and running throughout prolonged periods of time while you do something else. This way you may finish your chores and when you decide to actually play the game you will be surprised greeted with very nice amount of VC.


We hope you find this information useful and that it will help you to fully enjoy the game without worrying too much.