This is going to be a big one guys! Definitely a huge step for sport games. NBA 2K17 will feature world’s first dynamic commentary in video games history. Official sources announced 11 national broadcasts with a lengthy 400+ hours of dynamic commentary! I’m getting excited just by reading these numbers. Every other sports videogame featured commentary for as long as I can remember, and have been playing them for very long time. But now, for the very first time it’s not going to be a prerecorded dialogues triggered by specific actions. No, this time it’s dynamic. How cool is that?

From the looks of it seems that 2K is not taking any chances with this one, they want to make it writes, they want to make it great and memorable in years to come. The footage showed dozens of different scenarios beautifully narrated and commented through by some of the most recognizable names of the American television scene. Legendary Kevin Harlan worked with 2K to bring you something that will not only look but will also feel and sound very much alive. Alongside Steve Smith, Brent Barry, Doris Burke, Clark Kellogg, Greg Anthony, David Aldridge and other famous names from the US commentary scene.

However, that’s not it. In addition to dynamic commentary, dynamic coaching is also present within the game. During time up couch can decide to speak to the team. This time around not only will he give his thoughts on the events that happened, but will also advise and try to motivate the team just like in real life. Expect to see some famous names like Billy Donovan, Frank Vogel, Brad Stevens, Doc Rivers, Steve Kerr, Jason Kidd, Mike Boudenholzer, David Joerger… I was wondered what it feels like to be coached by those guys, I guess I would have to wait for much longer to find out.

If you thought that’s it, will then you’re very wrong. Say the best for the latest as usual and this time around it’s something very special. Yes, it’s even more special than dynamic commentary and coaching together. Any guesses? Okay let me tell you;

the feature we find most interesting in the upcoming NBA 2K17 is that all the previously mentioned reporters will be interviewing you. Yes, that’s right, you will be interviewed at the end of the game and given the opportunity to express your feelings about the game you just played. From the scene the conversation will have a preset limited number of responses, just the basic ones really, yet it feels very much alive, natural and allowing for you to really express how you feel after you’ve played the game. Now aim this just the kind of icing you need on an already beautiful and very sweet cake? We sure think it is.

I can barely hold my excitement until September 20th when this game will officially be released. Make sure you check up regularly for we will be posting everything NBA 2K17 related until and after the time it is officially available to play.