All of you who played NBA ever since 2014 are very familiar with the concept of VC or Virtual Currency as they call it and Locker Codes. Nowadays games are no strangers to premium currencies and in some cases it’s completely understandable. For example, there are many free to play games that allow you to experience the game in its fullest but should you desire to enrich your gameplay experience you’re most likely to spend a little bit of money on premium currencies that will either remove specific “barricades” and allow you to progress even further with your game. Many games do this and is becoming increasingly popular. Quite honestly, this is a good thing and most of the cases since free to play is a way to go for many multiplayer games, but what about NBA and other AAA full price games? How do we justify premium currencies in these games? AAA means that the game will usually cost between 40€-60€ and some games are even known to come as deluxe editions ranging all the way from 80€-120€.

Having content locked behind a payment wall in these pricey games is completely unacceptable for most people. It’s no wonder most players are looking for ways to hack VC and locker codes. Once again I wholeheartedly agree with this. If you’re paying that much money for something, it shouldn’t be asking you to pay for anything else but instead allowing players to play their game and be rewarded for being good at it. Ever since ’14 Virtual Currency has been present within these games but it feels like this year the pressure can be felt more than usual. You see in NBA 2K17 the grinding has become unbearable. The same amount of VC that you would get in the previous game for doing something in the current game has been drastically decreased. To make the matters even worse the amount needed for improvements and other purchasable in-game goodies has been increased. This year you can spend 50€ on a game and “invest” additional €100 for your virtual currency and it would still not be enough to max out every stat of your character. It’s ridiculous how pricey and incredibly insignificant compared to their value these things are.

Exactly for those reasons people have come up with a great idea to make VC more accessible to casual players. You won’t have to spend another euro on these things yet you can have all the benefits that they provide. They’ve come up with a way that allows everybody to generate unlimited VC coins for themselves. This is how it’s done:


How to Get Free VC and Diamond Players

By using an array of advantages provided by modern technologies group of coders have come up with a brilliant solution that allows players to add a specified amount of virtual currency to their NBA 2K17 accounts. The best part about it is that it’s completely free and available to everybody.

In this post I’m going to explain, step-by-step, how to get free VC for NBA 2K17 so that everybody may enjoy their game to their fullest. Keep in mind that have nothing to do the generator itself and that I’m in no way connected to people who made it. I’m simply doing this because I want everybody who enjoys this game like I do to be able to play something they’ve paid for without any limitations.

So, the first thing you want to do is go to the homepage of the NBA 2K17 VC generator. (The exact address will be given later on via a video that will contain the URL). Depending on your device or your monitors displayed resolution, the webpage will look something like this.





The area marked with a yellow rectangle is what you’re actually interested in. If for some reason you’re unable to scroll to it, you may use the “Get Locker Code” button located at the top of the page, and it will take you down to the “Console Select” section. This is what you’ve been looking for. Once you’re here, all that’s left to do is to select the platform you’re gaming on and then choose between 5k/50k/100k or a Diamond Player Locker Code.

Now this part may confuse some players. Locker Codes? Didn’t you say we were getting VC coins? That’s true, and you are getting the exact amount you’ve chosen, but it’s not directly delivered to your account, no, you will have to obtain it yourself. Ok, obtain it may be a bit of an overstatement. All that you’re actually supposed to do once you’ve got the code is to enter it to your account like any other locker code. What’s different is that these ones will always give you exactly what you’re hoping to get.

The final step in obtaining your code will be to reveal the last four characters which are hidden to prevent the abuse. Numerous bots are deployed online, constantly crawling the web for unused game codes that are later sold for personal gain. This generator is, without a doubt a target of those bots as well and because of that, it is necessary to have this added layer of verification.




Note that the last four characters have been hidden in the image (the pixelation is added by me). Once again, the area inside of the yellow rectangle is what you’re looking for. Upon clicking it, the page will open a pop-up window containing a couple of simple tasks that would verify you’re a human being, not a bot crawling around for keys. You are absolutely required to complete this step in order to get your key. I know it can be a bit of a pain but it’s certainly much less of a problem than paying actual money for the in-game coins, right. Besides, this way, the servers are not being overloaded by bots and you are ensuring that NBA Locker Codes Hack will live on so you may also use it in the future, should you need it.

Once you’ve proven that you are indeed a human, not a bot, you will be given a freshly generated, valid locker code that will, upon entering it, reward you with the specified amount of VC or a Diamond Player. It’s as easy as that and, here’s my proof.




As you can see from the screen cap above, the last four digits have been successfully revealed using the human verification step and I was able to add some VC to my account. Honestly, without something like this, I don’t think I would be able to fully enjoy this game with all the VC exclusive content they’ve made.

If you’re also planning on getting some NBA 2K17 free locker codes for yourself or your friends, I would advise you not to overuse it. Free VC is fine, yeah, but if you overdo it, it quickly becomes dull and can easily take away the feeling of progress from your gameplay experience. That’s why I only get some free virtual currency once per session, so that I’m able to maintain that illusion of progression and reward. But, ultimately, you know yourself the best and how you play should be determined by none other than you, so, do whatever you think will benefit your game the most.

This is the video containing the URL of the hack as well as instructions on how to use it

How Does This Work and How Safe It is to Use?

Naturally, this is a big concern for many people. It’s totally justified and we would like to go through this just so that everyone is able to fully understands what are the potential risks and flaws of this NBA 2K17 VC and Locker Codes Generator.

First off, let me tell you exactly what these codes are and how they’ve became publically available like this. From what I have understood after chatting with certain people who understand all of this much better than I do, these are allegedly some codes used for testing of the lockers in the game’s early stages. It’s how testers were checking if the codes were working properly and were giving the player what they were supposed to give. Apparently, they had a way to generate a specific code and they needed to be sure that it all works flawlessly and that everyone gets what they’ve paid for, not more, not less.

So, these codes are not actually considered as hacking by the game. It’s something that has and will probably always be a part of the NBA 2K17. An algorithm embedded within the source code of the game itself. Because of the nature of this exploit, this NBA 2K17 VC exploit should be completely risk free. Should be. I’m not sure if there is any possible way for someone to ever determine whether you have generated a code using online generator for NBA 2K17 locker codes or if it was a genuine code. For now, no one has ever reported having any problems regarding this NBA 2K17 online but considering how recently the game itself was released, it doesn’t really prove much yet, I’m calling it completely safe until proven wrong!

There’s also another thing. The game is fresh (or at least it was when this was written), and has not been patched yet. Chances are that once it is, this method won’t work anymore. I know I have advised not to stack on the VC but, considering this, you might be safer in the long run if you do. Once again, it is completely up to you.

Should any of this change, regarding the hacks safety or if it suddenly stops working due to patching, I will post it here as an edit so check back regularly!


Get Daily VC with MyNBA2k17 App

Another thing I want to go over is a completely legit way of obtaining Virtual Currency for free, on a daily basis! That’s right, there is nothing shady about his method and pretty much everyone will be able to benefit from this one. Only thing different about this one is that it will require either iOS or an Android device. I’m talking about 2K’s My NBA app. Depending on your device, you may download the app here:

A lot of you are already familiar with this one, it’s been around before and many 2K16 players were also using it. For those of you unfamiliar with the app, let me put it like this. It’s a mobile game that is linked to your main game using your account. It’s different than NBA 2K17 because this one is more of a management game. You collect cards like in other trading cards games, then you put them together in a team that you think will perform the best. It’s a very fun and addictive concept even for those of you that are not into 2K’s main game but still like basketball or strategy in general. Definitely give this one a go, you won’t regret it. Oh and, this one is completely free to play and download! What can possibly go wrong?!

However, if you use this app and you are playing 2K17 on a platform of your choice, you will be able to get cool VC rewards daily. Every day you will login and get a little bit more VC for your profile than you got the day before. It’s one of those “daily rewards” that are meant to keep you logging in on a daily basis with its progressive reward system. Other than that, this app lets you play the game on your phone. It’s not the real deal, but it’s a decent game if you’re into NBA as I am.

I recommend you check it out when you’ve got the time. It can only be beneficial to your resources.


I hope this cleared things up for you a little bit and helped you get some VC along the way. For more things on NBA 2K17, check back regularly!