Some time has passed since the initial release of the game and we think it’s due time that we have reviewed this years MyCareer game mode. If you are familiar with previous NBA games is most likely that you are familiar with the concept off MyCareer as well but for those of you that are not, it is basically a story mode for otherwise exclusively sport focused game.

Last years MyCareer was a disaster according to many players and many of them are hoping that 2K has learned from their mistakes and would set things right this time around, but is it the case?

The main structure of the game didn’t change much when compared to last years. You still get to create your own player, you play a couple of games and you end up noticed by NBA sponsors. After that it’s play and practice and hours of stat improvement before you eventually emerge as the best in your league.

All of this is accomplished by in game calendar which will group up and divide all of your activities and events according to their categories. Expect to be doing some workouts, social events, exhibition matches and even sponsor engagements. Some of these can be skipped or even emulated but most of the time you’ll have to sit through and play the entire event since the game wants you to experience everything it has in store for you.

Speaking of changes the only noteworthy addition to this years MyCareer is that sometime these events will clash with eachother so for example, you will have to choose between attending one or the other depending on your preferences and their rewards.

This may sound cool on paper but in reality it’s actually very dull. While we get that the game is trying to simulate all the different aspects of NBA players life, life is precisely what’s missing from these events. It becomes generic and tedious just like VC grind and after you’ve been asked thirty times to attend a friendly exhibition match with absolutely no story or progression whatsoever involved in it, you just want it to stop. The worst part is that these matches are all played automatically so, you don’t even get to play the game, instead you’re just watching some idly animated figures representing yourself and other players engaging in what’s supposed to be a basketball match.

On the bright side, this time around you get to develop and build up your off court relationship between your character and Justice Young, the Michael B. Jordan’s guy, and there are couple of benefits to this. If you two are complementing each other with your play and playing cooperatively you will eventually unlock the ORANGE JUICE mode. This will allow you to simultaneously play with both of the characters by letting you switch in real-time from one player to another during a match. It may come off weird at first but once you get the hang of it there are numerous benefits to this. First off it increases your ball time and lets you synchronize your actions to a point of perfection since you are in control of both of them…


Honestly speaking, we’re a little bit unsure what to think of this year’s MyCareer mode. It’s all starting to feel a little passive after all the initial hype wears off. Wouldn’t go and call it an outright bad mode but calling it good at this point would feel like an overstatement. Role-play and character immersion are great things and will welcome them in a game like NBA but after seeing FIFA 17 game mode The Journey we cant help but think that perhaps linear is the way to go?