It’s finally here and looks like the waiting hasn’t been for nothing. NBA 2K17 seems to be off to a very successful start. It looks like another rock solid entry in 2K NBA games and from what I’ve experienced so far they’ve really paid attention to what the fans have been asking for.

I’ve only put a couple of hours into this game so far but trust me, that is going to change drastically. As soon as I have some more free time I’m going to camp this game for extended periods of time. However, during my short experience I’ve noticed a couple of things and would like to put them to paper here.


Improved Ball Control

this is why I said that they’ve been listening to the fans. 2K17 improved ball control and character movement. In addition to traditional function buttons you are now given much greater control with your right analog stick. You may use it to perform better steels, dribbling’s or even add an extra layer of precision to your shots. This is not necessarily required of you and you may still stick to your traditional function buttons if you so choose to but one thing is for sure, if you’re looking to step up your game you’re going to be using a lot of these advanced moves.

More Fluent Animations Than Ever

Perhaps you’ve seen this one coming but here it is anyway. If we are to pull off all these advanced dribbling and steal moves, game’s animations need to be improved. And that’s exactly what 2K has done with this year’s NBA. Many players that have played the previous game have asked for this and we are glad that our prayers haven’t fallen on deaf ears. Animations feel and look so much better now compared to previous games.



As awesome as it sounds, the game is not without its problems. Apparently 2K is going even further with the “free to play-ish” system. VC coins are still present in the game and apparently represented more than ever within every aspect of the game. Grinding for these coins is also worse than ever. Now you have on skip cut scenes when you’re playing my career that you simply cannot skip through in order to grind the coins faster. It is almost as if the game developers once you to get sick and tired of it so you would get some much-needed VC coins for your game. What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that you can spend €100 on coins and it would still not be enough to max out every stat of your character.

Apparently paying twice the game price is not enough. This is something that’s bothering me a lot and something that, in my opinion is killing games like these. Paying for stuff in game you already paid full price for is unacceptable and I honestly hope something will change when it comes to this.

Other than that this game is very enjoyable and most likely the best sports game to this date. As I said before, I’m short on time right now so I’ll keep this brief, but don’t worry, I’ll come back and write about NBA 2K17 as soon as I’m able to play the game some more. Oh and, we really appreciate to hear what you have to say about this game in the comments below this post.