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NBA 2K17 Farming Guide: How to Earn VC Fast and Easy

With every new release of NBA we’re basically preparing ourselves to once again start our grind for countless virtual currency points. This is probably the least favorite part in every players life when it comes to NBA 2K games. It is no secret that most of the players look for the easiest and the fastest way to complete this chore so they can once again play the game to their leisure without having to worry about virtual currency. For these reasons exactly most of the players option for hacks and locker codes generators that will instantaneously yield a specified...

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NBA 2K17 Let’s Talk About MyCareer

Some time has passed since the initial release of the game and we think it’s due time that we have reviewed this years MyCareer game mode. If you are familiar with previous NBA games is most likely that you are familiar with the concept off MyCareer as well but for those of you that are not, it is basically a story mode for otherwise exclusively sport focused game. Last years MyCareer was a disaster according to many players and many of them are hoping that 2K has learned from their mistakes and would set things right this time around,...

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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes – How to Get VC for free

All of you who played NBA ever since 2014 are very familiar with the concept of VC or Virtual Currency as they call it and Locker Codes. Nowadays games are no strangers to premium currencies and in some cases it’s completely understandable. For example, there are many free to play games that allow you to experience the game in its fullest but should you desire to enrich your gameplay experience you’re most likely to spend a little bit of money on premium currencies that will either remove specific “barricades” and allow you to progress even further with your game....

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NBA 2K17 Is Here

It’s finally here and looks like the waiting hasn’t been for nothing. NBA 2K17 seems to be off to a very successful start. It looks like another rock solid entry in 2K NBA games and from what I’ve experienced so far they’ve really paid attention to what the fans have been asking for. I’ve only put a couple of hours into this game so far but trust me, that is going to change drastically. As soon as I have some more free time I’m going to camp this game for extended periods of time. However, during my short experience...

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What We Want from NBA2K17

NBA 2K 16 was a great game, no doubt about it. Still, it is only natural that we want to see it improved even further. It is absurd to claim that any games perfect and that no further improvements are needed. 2K 16 is no different. What should be the main focus for improvement is debatable to say at least, that’s why we are going to take a look at all the key aspects of the game give our thoughts on how they can be improved.   The gameplay Let’s start with the basics, and by basics I mean...

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